Why E-Bike

• Easy to maintain – mainly comprises of standard bicycle components.
• Keep up with faster friends or partners that are often taking the lead.
• A pleasurable & quiet riding experience – means you can focus & enjoy your surroundings.
• Average speed increased means journey time reduced – great news for commuters.
• Safer with a more traffic friendly pace.
• A faster commute to work that often beats the car on those doing shorter trips.
• Ideal for those that experience pain when riding a conventional bicycle.
• No Licence, MOT, Tax or Insurance required.
• A chance to improve fitness without even noticing the effort that your putting in (possibly reference to EMTB article).
• Can really help take the pressure off if you have small children in buggies, on child seats or on a tag-along bike.
• Parents or Grandparents can keep up with their super fit teenagers.
• Great for those who want to ride for further and longer but don’t feel they have the fitness levels to do so.
• Cheap to run & will save you money.
• A great tool in aiding rehabilitation after injury

Here is an interesting article about electric bikes on the bike hub website.