Our Commitment.

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Our Charter
A2B Shop is committed to providing unrivalled customer service, support and guarantees.
We believe that buying online should be as good if not better than going to a local dealer.
In fact our ready to ride service provides revolutionary service levels not experienced anywhere else in  the industry.

To that end please see our customer charter below.
•    A no quibble 30 day return policy. (terms and conditions apply)
•    We realise that sometimes things go wrong. When a problem cannot be solved by a simple exchange of a part or requires a more in-depth solution. We will pick up and either repair or provide you with a replacement bike to allow you to continue enjoying your A2B. (terms and condition apply)
•    If you choose our direct from factory/free delivery option we will provide you with access to a comprehensive video on how to assemble your Bike. Of course we are only a phone call away if you require help. Please note the amount of assembly depends on the model purchased.
In all cases the amount of work required is very simple such as pedals, handle bars, Display unit and some in some cases front wheel.
•    Please note that  A2B bike stock that is current a European model The “Direct from factory” option is not available.
•    We will contact you on a monthly basis to check your progress. If this is not something you  want then please let us know at time of purchase.

For Customers selecting our ready to ride service
•    All Bikes will be built by a A2B Trained Technician.
•    A comprehensive pre-delivery inspection will be carried out by our technicians.
•    A Trained A2B Technician will deliver your Bike to your door and run through a comprehensive induction.
For Customers Selecting our standard delivery option.
•    All Bikes will be built by a trained A2B Technician.
•    A comprehensive pre-delivery inspection will be carried out by a trained A2B technician.
•    It will then be photographed.
•    Your Bike will then have the handle bars, pedals and in some cases front wheel removed.
It will be boxed in high quality protective packaging and delivered to you by our delivery partner.
•    You will be provided with access to a comprehensive video and we will be available to call you when you decide to re- assemble if you require.
Please note all A2B Products are supported by our comprehensive warranty
•     Five years on your frame.
•    Two years on components and battery – covering all parts of your bike except wear on brake pads, chain, freewheel and tyres.

Ex Demo/Display Warranty and Repair
All ex demo Models or discounted products will be subject to a reduced warranty please confirm at time of purchase.
Our standard warranty for ex Demo/Display is 1 year.
Any purchases on Ebay will have warranty details on the sales details.
All warranty claims are subject to the Heroeco terms which can be found at www.wearea2b.com.
It is the resposibility of the purchaser to keep the original box, to be used if the product needs to be returned
For the avoidace of doubt it is the resposibility of the purchaser to return the product to A2B Shop for assessment and repair.